Welcome to the Metta Roadmap Community!

ROADMAP is a way of making the movement of movements visual,  and set of tools activists (and those who wish to get active) can use to:

  • Build Community
  • Train in Nonviolence Principles
  • Join in the Creation of a Long-Term Strategy for Lasting Change

This site serves as a web-based community to connect with one another and benefit from many resources.


How to use Ning and Crowdmap

To fully activate the power of ROADMAP, we adopted two online tools to create an online community. The Ning community site and Crowdmap mapping tool. This Ning site enables organizations and individuals to share resources, engage in discussion, and network with one another. The Crowdmap visualizes the network of organizations and individuals that support the ROADMAP framework and are committed to creating a powerful, nonviolent movement for change. We hope that, with these two tools at hand, we…
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